Clyst St. George PCC Members 2015-2016


Clyst St. George

Parochial Church Council Members



Priest in Charge                   Rev Karen Spray             01392 877400


Church Wardens                 Mr. Paul Bragg                 01392 874599

                                          Mrs. Jacquie Manser         01392 874861


Deanery Synod                    Mrs Hilary Harris

Representatives                   Mrs Barbara Horner


Secretary                             Mrs. Maureen Ackland-Smith


Treasurer                              Mr. Tony Charles


Members                                 Mr. Tony Charles

                                              Mrs. Hilary Harris

                                              Mr. Joe Oldfield

                                              Mrs Elizabeth Parkinson

                                              Mr Lawrence Ackland-Smith

                                              Mrs Maureen Ackland-Smith

                                              Mrs. Linda Wilkerson



                                                Mrs. Janet Bragg       Mrs. Susan Bragg

                                                Mrs. Kath Charles      Mrs Barbara Horner

                                                Mr. John Manser        Mrs. Lizzie Parkinson

                                                Mrs Denise Doling



Health and Safety Officer                                   Mr. Paul Bragg


Fire Regulations Responsible person

P.C.C.Competent person                                    Mr. Paul Bragg


Child Protection Representative  )                      Mrs Denise Doling









Clyst St George
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