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The Vision Statement of the White Cross Mission Community -

‘This Mission Community commits itself to making the gospel known to people of all ages and backgrounds within our communities, by using all the resources available to us.  We will strive to achieve this in the Mission Community as a whole, each congregation playing its part, as well as having a more general ministry to their particular parish.’


We are a group of six country parishes with seven churches. Five of these have been working together since September 2006 these are Aylesbeare, Farringdon, Clyst St. Mary, Clyst St George and Woodbury Salterton. The other parish consists of a ‘mother church’ (Woodbury) and a ‘daughter church’ (Exton). This parish has, until now, been a ‘united benefice’ with another local church. Following the retirement/resignation of both the last incumbents, it is planned that this group of churches shall become a mission community in October 2009 under the guidance of a new priest.   A Mission Community Council with representatives of all 7 churches have been meeting together since April 2008 and has developed a Mission Action Plan. Plans are also being formulated for clerical/administrative help and there is a facility for a Mission Community Office in Woodbury.   All the parishes are at present financially secure and have paid the common fund in full. 
The proposed Community forms an irregular shaped triangle,   much of which is in a conservation area and has been designated ‘an area of outstanding natural beauty. Total population (2001) 5780. Electoral Roll (2008) 226.    Occasional Offices for 2008 – were 14 weddings, 17 baptisms and 22 funerals. All Parishes have churchyards which are open for new burials.   The villages in the north of the community are sparsely populated with almost half of the total population in Woodbury Parish.     Woodbury and Exton have at least one service at the same time every Sunday and some of these are lay-led.   The other five churches have one Eucharist and one lay-led service every five weeks and there is lay participation at all services throughout the Mission Community. Three of the churches have choirs: Woodbury Salterton choir sings in the local church while Clyst St Mary and Woodbury choirs travel to other churches. Woodbury has a professional, well qualified Director of Music, who receives a small stipend. Woodbury , Clyst St George and Aylesbeare each have a ring of bells, but only Woodbury has a complete team of bell ringers. Each Parish has an organisation of ‘Friends’ raising money to support the fabric and work of the church as well as a whole range of social activities and non church clubs.   All the except Farringdon have a church magazine or news sheet available free to all parishioners. In addition Aylesbeare , Farringdon and Woodbury have a Village Magazine.    Our Community’s embryonic website can be found at www.whitecrossdevon.org.uk
There are Church of England Voluntary Aided primary schools in Clyst St George, Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton, a local Authority primary school in Clyst St Mary and a private school in Aylesbeare.   A decision has now been taken that Clyst St. George Primary School will form a Federation with Blackpool School, Chudleigh Knighton School in Newton Abbot and Salcombe School. This will take effect from the beginning of the Summer term 2009
Each Parish has a village hall and in addition Woodbury has recently refurbished church rooms.
The parsonage, adapted for use of the previous incumbent, is in Clyst St Mary. It was built around 1960 and has four bedrooms. The M5 is just one mile away and there is easy access to Exeter main line station and Exeter airport. There is a small shop attached to a garage in Exton, a general stores/post office in Clyst St Mary and Woodbury, which also has a number of other small shops and a large shopping complex in Clyst St. George. .
Large organisations within the Mission Community include Crealy Adventure Park, Westpoint (home to the Devon Agricultural Association), and a complex of buildings used by Friends Provident and DEFRA. in the village of Clyst St Mary. Devon Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in the parish of Clyst St George. Aylesbeare is home to an international haulage firm, while Farringdon and Woodbury Salteton each have a business park. Woodbury includes Black Hill Quarry (run by Aggregates), Woodbury Park Golf and Country Park, three caravan parks and one substantial Business Park. The Royal Marine Commando Training Centre is in the parish of Woodbury/Exton. 
6 April 2009
Mission Action Plan
The 5 marks of Mission from the Anglican council 1990 – a)To proclaim the good news of the kingdom; b)to teach, baptise and nurture new believers; c) to respond to human need by loving service; d)to seek to transform unjust structures in society; e) to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation.
This statement was used to assist the development of the vision statement and mission action plan.

Our Mission
Our aims
Resources needed
a) Maintain regular weekly all age worship in a variety of forms.
To have a Eucharistic service  in 1 Church at the same time each week supported by a variety of lay led services, in church or in other venues, encouraging bible study/ prayer groups
A priest + a third
People to share the Ministry with the priest. with the ability to develop and lead innovative all age worship across the Mission Community.
With the  Priest, encourage and empower people to become part of the joint endeavour.
Empower/support lay leadership
To Identify/discern the skills within each congregation. Create mutual support groups across the 6 parishes of the various skills – leading/participating in services, bible study, prayer groups, administration, information technology
Appropriate local short training courses, knowledge of the resources available i.e. books, finance, those already skilled within the Mission Community
Within 6 months acquire the information of available courses.
Within 1 year each Parish to have assisted one member to discern their vocation.

‘Everyone is not expected to do everything that a local church should do – we need to share on another’s strengths’ 6th March 2004-Digest of presentation and debate at Exeter Diocesan Synod.

Our Mission
Our aims
Resources needed
Maintain/develop links with the Community
b,c)Pastoral links – To undertake some/all of the following:-visit the house bound, new comers, shop, listen, transport, visit the bereaved, marriage  and baptism preparation
To be an open accessible organisation and strengthen the church as the heart of the local community
Confident and appropriately trained people.
Finance for training courses
Information on short topic specific courses
System to identify those who need support
access to advice/support
To publicise all the activities of the church in ‘plain English’ and take our message out into the Parishes.
Defined catchment areas within parishes (family groups)
Seek out those who need help
Identify, encourage appropriate people to be visitors
Plan /arrange 1 course every 6 months
Schools - Use foundation governors as a bridge between the Church and School.
Encourage and support school services and activities in church.
volunteer to assist in school activities             
Information about  school opportunities and opportunities to help.
Inform the Head teacher there are those who would wish to be involved.
Other Churches   To maintain/initiate a regular exchange of members between churches in the mission community of all denominations.
Information of service patterns and social events
a reliable method of communication.
Ensure accurate information on our web site.
Initiate contact between churches.
d) To promote social justice and inclusion
Global thinking – local living
Be a Christian presence within the local community by taking an active part in civil and recreational activities.  Support fair trade
e) Green Issues To aim to minimise the footprint of our Church activities.
Information on appropriate action
Sensible use of resources, encourage car sharing, recycling, regular information in the Parish Magazines.


Our Mission      
Our aims
Resources needed
To develop an interest and understanding of the wider Church
To  disseminate information from General, Diocesan and Deanery Synod, and encourage parishioners to participate in these meetings.
Access to the relevant information
Publish the information on the web site and specifically invite people to attend Deanery Synod Meetings
To develop a real understanding of stewardship of time, talents and wealth.
To encourage church members to consider there own personal commitment to the continuing mission of the community and encourage realistic/sacrificial giving of themselves and their resources.
 Information on the resources required in the local and national church. Information on what is received and how it has  been used in the local and wider Church.
Ensure transparency in all financial discussions. Details should be widely circulated   in a simple and user friendly format encouraging everyone to engage in the debate on how all resources should be used to further God’s kingdom.
At least once a year people should be thanked for their contribution and challenged  to reconsider the way they use their time, talents and money.
To create a comprehensive and varied network of churches throughout the Mission Community
To produce and share information across the 6 parishes and to meet cross boundary expenditure.
 Appropriate equipment to produce information both manually and electronically. Common funds
Identify at least 1 person in each Parish to provide the network for sharing information. Explore ways of working together financially.

This plan will be used to guide our discussions and planning and kept constantly under review.
20 October 2008

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