Floodlighting form

When completed, this form will be emailed to the church.


  • Applications to floodlight the church can be made either by completing this form or by completing a form to be found on our web site at   http://www.whitecrossdevon.org.uk.Please look for “Floodlighting Form” under “Woodbury with Exton”.
  • Dedication can be for any occasion.
  • Suggested donation £10 per occasion.
  • Cheques payable to "Woodbury PCC". Payment may be posted to the Treasurer : Pat Browne, 5 Escott Cottages, Broadway, Woodbury, Exeter EX5 1NT.
  • OR cash can be left in the church donations box.
  • Please indicate whether you are a tax payer - we can claim back the tax on your donation.
  • Multiple Dedications are allowed for any night's floodlighting.
  • Church will be floodlit from dusk to midnight on requested nights. Note that the church is floodlit only on the south side.
  • Names, Dates and Dedications will be published monthly in the Woodbury News (space permitting). To do this, forms should be received by the first week of the month preceding the requested date (ie in the first week of September for a date in October).

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